After your first heartbreak your not the same person, Agree or Disagree?

I'm talking about your first genuine heartbreak.
When you thought about him/her everyday all day, when you drink yourself into an oblivion to try to stop thinking about him/her only for him/her to haunt you in your sleep.
The kind of heartbreak that makes food taste like matter in your mouth, the kind that speeds your heart rate and sends chills to your belly even after months of them not being in your life. The Heartbreak that lets you relate to bullshit tumblr quotes about how" to love is to be vulnerable".

My first heartbreak taught me to NEVER give my all again. Because if I do, the same thing could happen all over again. It taught me that people are never as them seem, to never trust a stranger and even then... keep a close eye on those closest to you. It taught me to never let anyone in completely, to keep my emotional wall ALL the way turnt up to never give anyone the benefit of the doubt and assume what someone may or might not do.. even if you would never do it to them and to always keep my glass half empty because "expectation is the root of all heartbreak"

And if I so anything on this list of lessons... I could experience another heartbreak which is the most uncomfortable feeling in the world because its just a bottle of unknown"feeling" by the way the brain responds to the pain of the heart as Legit physical pain.
After your first heartbreak your not the same person, Agree or Disagree?

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  • Agree 100% whether or not you change in a positive or negative way.

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