Was I annoying?

Today when I arrived to class i had my headphones and i didn't notice my music was kinda loud. I sat down and the guy I like was in his computer and stared at me and smile they he turned away. Like 3 minutes after I turned and I noticed he was looking at me and smiling! This caught me by surprise so I just looked away, then looked at him again and then he said with a smile "it's your rhythm".

Then i I just said I didn't know I was been loud and he said that it was ok. This guy is Persian and there I was listening to old school salsa, I don't think he knows that music but anyway. Was I annoying him?
Do you think he likes me?
What could have been his thoughts while staring?

any bad or good opinions help! Thanks 😊


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  • He might like you or he was jamming to that song.


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