Girls, How do you feel when a guy approaches you coz he is interested in your friend?

Quite keen on this woman at work, we both go down for smoke breaks, but i haven't been able to catch her for the past 2-3 weeks.
Her female colleague i see nearly everyday (not keen on her though).
Do you girls recommend i ask her female colleague about her?

How do you girls feel about the guy doing this?
(Pov of bothfrom the girl im keen on and her friend )


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  • If you tell her why you're asking, you should be fine. I personally wouldn't mind if someone approached me asking about my friend, so long as they weren't using me in any way to get to her. (Besides learning more about her, ofc.) If there's a reason why you're "not too keen" on her colleagues, maybe you should just talk to her instead of having to go through them. You'd be surprised at how willing some girls are to have a conversation and get to know someone better. Don't fret too much. The best of luck! (:

    • Love the positivity thank you!
      No i will not be using her colleague as a "get in" card, no way haha.
      Just wanted to ask her if the girl I'm keen on is single thats all.

    • Before i make a wrong move (incase she's taken)

  • It depends. Some people get really offended and some actually like knowing that someone fancies their friend,

    • Well her friend is actually quite pretty, (the one i am NOT interested in).
      What you reckon?

    • she might get offended but she might be chill about it. is she in a relationship? the thing is it really depends on the person. also are they CLOSE friends? because if not then there is a bigger chance that she will get jelous

    • No i dont know if she's in a relationship thatd why i want to ask her frend colleague.
      I honestly dont think they're that close really

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