How long should I wait for us to get to know each other before we start dating?

We met very recent and he's already being very flirty with me. He's a nice guy but I'm afraid he will ask me to date him too soon. How long should we get to know each other before we start dating? He's 18 I'm 16.


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  • Dates aren't anything to be afraid of, as long as you're safe and use common sense. Dating IS the getting-to-know-you phase for most people and most couples.

    Make sure your parents know where you are at all times, make sure you go to public places you're familiar with, have a charged cellphone on you and bail without hesitation if anything feels uncomfortable. But, most importantly, have fun and be yourself. Dating should, and must, be fun. :)

    Take care, sister.


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  • Around 1 or 2 weeks I guess.


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