I'm so in love with my crush and I can't do anything?

So basically I've been crushing hard on this boy for about 3 years nearly now. We're in the same year and went to the same school etc. and talked a little bit because we had some of the same classes. Now in college and he doesn't talk to me because we never see each other but I can't stop thinking about him everyday and it depresses me I probably won't ever be able to have him? Also, the other day my guy friend said we should set my crush and my BEST FRIEND UP? Like wtf. I didn't even know what to say cos it broke me inside. Luckily I don't think my best friend would be interested as she's talking to a guy right now but anyway, I don't know what to do. I even dreamt about him last night (sounds lame) and I get serious butterflies whenever I see him, he's literally so beautiful. I'm so confused and upset and depressed :(


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  • im literally going through the same thing but im still in high school with him. we just hung out for the first time ever this weekend (after talking aff and on all throughout freshman-junior year). im so happy but he hasn't texted me at all since so im nervous. do you regert not talking to him more when you saw him everyday? i dont want to make the same mistake 😁


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  • For starters, you're not in love. Now to solve your problem, social media. Message him, set up a day/time to meet up and catch up.

    • For starters, I am. I don't think you even understand how it feels lmao I'm literally being serious it's gone past just a crush now.

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    • So you plan to just sit by and drool over him w/ no intention to attempt to solve your situation? Enjoy that mental instability you've got going on

    • Okay

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