Guys, I need guy advice help?

OK so I'll try to keep this short. So I met this guy on line we talked for over a month before we met. The 1st time we actually met we had sex. Not my normal thing I do but it happened. So after that I saw him 1 more time. He has not text me 1st since we had sex but will respond to my texts witch I have not to text him that much but anyways I saw he wasn't on my Fb friends any more so I text him saying I saw you deleted me I get the hint but being honest is a better way to go. And I hope he finds who he is looking for. He text back saying he didn't delete me and that he just looked at his Fb and every single girl and mutual friends of his ex was deleted. Witch I happened to me his ex from a long time ago abs she is nuts so I kinda believe it. So what I need to know is this guy still interested? I'm mean if he wasn't I have him his out right? He didn't have to text explaining what happened if he isn't interested right? I don't know guys are so confusing. Our maybe I just over think things.


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  • Making assumptions about him from online drama is kinda pointless. But if he won't talk to you then forget him. I've never met anyone from the Internet for romance and never had sex with anyone from the Internet obviously. I know a creepy dude who talks to as many girls as possible online and bangs the ones who will meet him, super creepy like. But I'd say go with your gut but bring a knife. I don't trust no one from the Internet. Or social media sites as valid sources of personal info. If he's pushing you away on purpose, the way you make it sound, he'd be the cattiest most dramatic dude ever. Well not really, but close.


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