How do you know if he is just as into you or more into you than his ex?

I am so happy with my relationship, it seems to be going at a good pace and were very happy at least it seems like it. But I ran across an old video on my bfs laptop. I was looking for a photo for our anniversay and instead found his ex. (by the way he keep all the photos of him and his ex and we have talked ab it but he feels its history) Anywho... there's a video of him half naked in bed with her, she is sound asleep. He cutely videos and shhs the camera as he leans over and kisses her waking her up and she freaks out. Its so cute and flirty and throw up in my mouth 3 times. However, i began to cry as well... when has he ever done anything like that. It was so sweet and romantic. I can verly get him to take a picture with me. If there is any kissing i am totally the one to start it usually. I began to question everything what if he has been just telling me what I wanna hear for a year and a half. he has never done that with me. I began to freak like some man had my heart and i didn't know if it was real anymore. I called myself by remember that we are talking about marriage now and rings and he says he has never talked like that with anyone and i believed him. But now how do i know? I am freaking out? am i over thinking... help me my heart is pounding


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  • If you are talking about marriage, you should be able to talk to him about what you need from him. Have the talk.


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