Guys: How do you show you're interested in a girl? Girls: What do you do when these things happen to you?


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  • Hey, considering that I'm a queer guy, my signals are often misinterpreted by girls as friendly and girly. It can be frustrating at times but I'd say the things to look out for in a certain guy you have your eye on is the follower type guys (as in, they like to go wherever you go within reason), the 'in your face' or 'can't stop staring at you' guys, the 'won't stop talking to or about you' guys and the 'touchy' guys (oops, that's me!)
    So basically, if he stares at you, if he follows you to class, if you catch him talking to his friends about you and possibly blushing or looking embarrassed, won't shut up around you or touches you every chance he gets then he probably likes you :)
    Hope that helps. Go for it!

  • When I find her attractive and I've established she's single and decided she's a nice person.


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