Has anyone found no contact to be so effective that after a few months you were actually embarrassed that you ever had feelings for the person?

I cut of contact, after sleeping with a guy friend a few months ago, who didn't want anything more from it when I did (or thought I did at the time). I got aleterted about an old question that I on posted on here months ago when I was upset about the whole thing, because someone posted another response (despite the fact that the question is several months old and has a MHO). My thoughts on seeing the old question were: why the hell was I so eat up about that guy, what the hell was I smoking all those months back? I am now just embarrased and cringing that I was ever into this guy. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I am seriously swearing by no contact in future -- it's the path to becoming rational!


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  • Whether the no contact rule has this result, it is the most effective means of moving forward with your life. I am a very strong advocate of the no contact rule.


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