How to get a date with girl in my class when we have barely spoken? How to get dates when you are basically strangers?

I am attracted to this girl in my class but I don't know how to convey this interest. Do I just ask her what she is doing after class before the semester is out and try to go for a date asap?

I am very inexperienced getting dates without an opportunity to make friends first or with girls with no mutual friends/contacts.

I am definitely over thinking this. 25 and never had a girlfriend so I am always insecure and scared to make a move with a women who truly catches my eye. We have spoken a few times and she even seemed interested but both of us are a bit introverted.

Disclaimer. I am only slow and insecure around girls I like like. Few issues talking to the general female population or attractive women. I just shut down and fumble when I meet a girl I'd want to bring home to mom.


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  • Are you having a winter break? What have you talked to her about previously? Ask her about some assignment and then work your conversation there. don't let things get boring which means don't say things just to keep a convo going. Don't do this tiI early or too late (hopefully you'll know but generally it's right before that transition into a new topic that is just filler for a new topic.) ask her out during winter break, and get her number!

    • Problem is that we can't talk much in class and we're so late in the semester I'm over thinking trying to talk to her.

      We've talked about her like of Halloween, special effects makeup, working at a haunted house, and an art school she is going to after she graduates this semester. No problem with topics just timing.

      We only have 2 or 3 classes left and they are test days so we eon't leave at the same time. Another is a day I have to get to my next class asap.

    • get to your class asap after you give her ur number

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