Gager! How do you feel about "Trust and honesty" based on "your own" beliefs?

So I feel "Trust" and "honesty" are two trait that are vital in "TRUE"(let me quote) Friendship"and a "Real Relationship. I know that trust has to be gained.. and Honesty well it's hard to come across these days.

My question is what do they mean to you? do you think a friendship or relationship can be succesfull without trust and honesty? are there more important traits you look for in a friendship or relationship?
I honestly feel these two are the most vital. I can't really see any "true" relationship being succefull without those two.

Please explain.
You raw feeling on this..


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  • Trust means everything to me. It's paramount to my existence. And you can't have trust without honesty, so it's importance goes without saying. The depth of what trust means to me cannot be described in words, only action.


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  • Trust should be earned but honesty should be given to everyone. ( this does not mean you have to spill your secrets to everyone you meet) however in a relationship you shouldn't lie if asked a question and you should disclose any information that would effect the relationship before getting to deep into the dating process. Eg. Your roommate is your ex girlfriend, you are on probation, you have a medical condition that will effect the way you react to your partner either sexually or emotionally. (Like I think some autistic people preferred not to be touched for example) nothing I can't stand more then dishonesty and hiding things


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