I think Im obsessed with a girl, how to stop?

How do I stop overly obsessing over my girlfriend? can't stop thinking/worrying about her


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What Girls Said 2

  • Put a chip in her, that way you will always know where she is at. :)

    omg I'm kidding please don't do that.

    • I ain't that crazy, I find after a while without intimate moments I become more obsessed/insecure, So I guess I know the answer to my question but I can't always control that

  • that's how I am towards my boyfriend. I feel your pain! :(

    • The less and less I see her the more and more I obsess, it comes to the point were Im not even sure what im worrying about I just know that I am

What Guys Said 1

  • Mindfulness training.
    Each time you find yourself drifting mentally toward an unwanted subject, simply tell yourself you'll worry about that another time, and refocus on what it is you do need to think about.

    • But what when im trying to sleep and there's nothing to refocus on and I can't even sleep, UGH why werent humans made to be solitaire, haha

    • When we're trying to sleep, we focus on nothing.
      Imagine your mind is a blank slate. This is when thoughts 'drift' to the surface.
      Thats when we recognize what our brains are trying to say, and push it out of our minds.

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