Is there a universal sign that means I like girls?

Alright, so I'm bisexual. But I usually only get hit on by guys, and I don't want to creep girls out by flirting if they're straight. Is there a low key, universal sign that means I like girls that usually only people in the LGBT community know of?


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  • When you see a hot girl, do you think about getting to her pussy and all the things you want to do to it? If you're really sexually attracted to girls, you'll desperately want the pussy. Straight girls who have innocent girl crushes usually get put off when it comes to taring off her crushes panties and eating it. They may think about touching her body or kissing her gently, but real sexual attraction is more intense.


What Girls Said 1

  • There is no such thing as a sign. You sound confused.
    If you are sexually attracted to both women and men, you're bisexual. That's it.
    Have you ever had a crush on a girl?

    • I'm not confused, I know I'm bi. what I meant was, I don't have a way to let other girls who like girls know that I also like girls, because hitting on straight people is hella awkward.

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