[GaGs] Why does It have to be so difficult? DATING?

Just wanna say one thing out of the blue. I don't blame the younger teens i used to be like that, but i wonder why people around my age or older, no matter some men or women are still wondering whether the opposite sex likes them or not? Why don't you just ask him or her out instantly and no bullshits keep thinking about the signs given off by them? It's simple, when you took action, and someone rejects you possibly and you can move on easily why waste so many fuckin times thinking whether a person likes you or not?
  • Because they are afraid of rejections.
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  • Because they have no clues of what they're doing.
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  • I think some people do that to hopefully have an idea if the other person likes them. Sometimes building the confidence to approach the person and ask them directly is pretty daunting for people (especially shy people). Obviously going directly to them will be easier, but if they can gather the signs and the emotion, that could be another way to find out if the person is into them.. Or not.


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