Girls, why do you get creeped out so easily?

Like the title says, i mean seirously, I really can NEVER be myself because whenever i say something from the top of my mind you get creeped out, and it's usually on the tiniest stupidest things. That's messed up. Why do you get creeped out so easily?
I forgot to mention that i'm nothing close to be a creep. I'm like the nicest, funniest (always smiling as well), and most confident guy ever.


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  • it's because you're creepy.

    or for a more detailed answer, we don't know you, we don't know if we can trust you, and we can't be sure you're entirely joking, because we're wary as to whether or not you actually would want to do something to us, and also likely, you just have a creepy attitude.

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    • To be honest, i'l tell you that many of us guys are pretty bad at approaching girls and we could come off as creepy in a lot of times when we are really not. She might have got vibes that i am creepy, and you might have too after what i have done (gone crazy for her) but if you actually meet me in real life you would say how the fk did i find this guy creepy. This is a very common thing amongst guys and i think you girls need to lighten up a little bit when you see a guy doing something creepy and let them know about it so they can fix it. Like i said, many of us guys are REALLY nice and innocent, but we just come off as creepy because we might not know what to say or how to convey our feelings. This is what i'm trying to let you girls know and put in your mind, just give us some chances don't block us right away, it will only make us seem more and more creepy like u just saw.

    • @Oxxymoron why did you block me ): I'm really upset what did I do wrong?

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  • It's odd that everything you say, creeps people out. You have to think in terms of common denominators, here lol.

  • what are you saying to get girls creeped out. i don't get creeped out easily. when it comes to bugs yes but besides that nothing.

    • No idea, i just say what is on my mind. I don't say inappropriate words. If i found a girl pretty, i'l tell her she's pretty. If i loved her eyes, i'l tell her i LOVE her eyes. I usually don't know what creep you girls out because you never tell us, you just avoid us or block us with no explanation which really gets on our nerves because we are left off with no clue about what happened and just confused.

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    • maybe it's your bluntness. girl tend to shy away from it because sometimes it's almost like your mocking them as if you really don't mean. sometimes being blunt just weirds a person out.. i get creeped out reactions myself so i learned to tone it down a notch.

    • maybe your personality comes off to strong. i really don't know why though. I'm sorry I'm not much of any help.

  • Well what kind of things do you say?

    • that's the messed up thing, i never find out.

      maybe ask this girl @Oxxymoron , she blocked me out of nowhere while i was having what i thought to be a nice conversation with her. Found out later i creeped the "hell" out of her.

    • She blocked me too ): and I don't know why ):

  • Maybe you're just creepy?


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  • Women are (understandably) suspicious of men they don't know, especially if they approach them in a way that is more friendly than normal. It's creepy because it seems like they have ulterior motives (not saying that you do, but a lot of guys with bad intentions cover them up like this). Being nice is a good thing, but being too nice is creepy. Does that make sense?

    • I'm not 'too nice' in chat. But i tihnk i might have been to direct with her. I actually told her that she has the beauty that i look for in my dream girl.

    • Yes, that is much too forward, unfortunately.

  • Give us some examples of what you have said to women?

    • Some guys do come across as creepy but also there are many girls that are bad at labelling innocent guys as creepy to

    • In my case, it's only 2 girls. After 2 years of me using this website. 2 girls blocked me for a reason that i never found out. And i talked with many beautiful girls around here. But the only one that mattered the most to me, ended up finding me the creepiest >.<.

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