If you are in relationship and a love of your life pops up?

if you are in a relationship and you and your boyfriend are having a rocky relastionship and the love of your life pops up and what I mean the love of your life everything that you wanted in a man hot, intelectual funny , kind and you just feel instant and very strong chemistry with the new guy. yopu have been with guy for 2 years and you were planning to marry in another 2 years when you finish college. would you feel confused , torn between two feelings would feel guilty , would you dump your boyfriend or you just find it hard to give up on all the years. is it hard for a girl in this situation to just end a relationship?

sorry for my poor English i am not American


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  • I may be a complete asshole, but I'd definitely break up.


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  • You see I don't date people who aren't the love of my life in the first place, too many mofos date for the sake of it.


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