What can I do about this?

There is this one girl who I gave my number to this weekend. She hasn't texted me back, but she did give me her email. We've had conversations via email so far, and she shows a lot of interest and emotion in her emails. Anyways, what worries me is that since I've given her my number, I have run into her in the dining hall every single night. It's always when one of us has finished, so we haven't been able to eat together. What worries me is that what if she thinks I'm following her or something. It's just a huge coincidence that we've run into each other three nights in a row. And they were at completely random times. I haven't been going at the same times too. Sunday night we saw each other at 10:30 pm, on Monday night, we saw each other at 9 pm, and on Tuesday night we saw each other at around 9:50 pm. I really hope she doesn't think I'm following her or something. These are just coincidences. We just happen to be hungry at the exact same time. Please, what do I do.


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  • Just stop and say hi, be like this is crazy this keeps happening would you like to come eat together tomorrow night or go grab a coffee?

    • Well, it's a bit more complicated than that. She's a very lonely person and she even told me that all she does is stay in her dorm all day and only goes out to eat. The reason I'm scared is that we're from two different communities in my college. My dining hall at my community closes at 7 pm and her's closes at 11 pm. After 7 pm, everyone in my community is forced to get dinner at her community's dining hall. She probably doesn't know this because she told me she doesn't know a lot about the school. Anyways, I hope she doesn't think that I go to her dining hall just to run into her. I genuinely need to go because I want to eat and my dining hall closes so early.

  • Maybe she's the one following you honey


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