Do outgoing men get shy around girls they like?

Say if he talks to mostly everyone, but then gets shy over one girl
just curious


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  • Typically speaking, no.


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  • I like them and i want to impress them so I tend to get a bit shy. Nothing noticeable though.

  • I am an outgoing person and I usually have no problem speaking to anyone. Now it depends on how I am feeling that day, but I am usually opened to talking to people.
    Regarding girls I like... if I like her a lot, then fuck it, I completely change. I remember this popular girl in uni that most guys liked and she would simply walk around and talk to almost everyone. I wasn't paying much attention to her, because though people consider me good looking, I wasn't seeing myself as someone that could entertain her: she knew lots of people, had money and go places. So I didn't try to impress. I wasn't shy around her either.
    Then one day I noticed something strange from her. The first time it hit me that she might like me. That's when the feelings hit me hard and man I was acting so dumb around her. SHY! Yes. Strange. Awkward.

    The even stranger thing: She was shy around me! Imagine the most talkative/social person you know, losing their words around you or acting strange.
    So I was thinking: she either hates me that much or likes me that much. Keeping in mind she was actually getting out of her way to be around me sometimes, it was hard for me to go with the first option: that she hates me.

    You have to take a look at this overall behavior. The fact that he gets quiet around you... not really a bad thing.

  • I admit you do a bit since you over think. her approach you don't want to fail with her first impression of you


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