Are the first few dates always semi-awkward with weird discussion topics and body language?

I've been on 2 dates with this guy (not formal by any means.. Just "hanging out" but we totally have the hots for each other)...

We talk the whole time, get along well, and laugh and all that jazz... But it feels so formal, structured, stay in the lines... Kind of thing. Like what do you even talk about? Does everyone have problems with this? What do you talk about when they're a stranger? The guy I'm with is super social and talkative so he doesn't seem fazed at all by it.. Or doesn't notice it.. Yet I'm sitting over there quiet, more reserved (which he even noted in a teasing way).. I'm noticing every little thing.. And feeling like I really need to remember to breathe before I pass out. Is this normal? I never let anyone in my life yet they're trying to get to know me I realize.. But I feel like I only want to share my interests and thoughts and true self to a select few, and it's so hard for me to open up after only knowing someone for a few hours. Does it get easier?


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  • You are probably incompatible.


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