How can I know if a man won't cheat? How can I let this terror about it go?

Honesty and promises are really important to me. If I stopped loving someone, I would end it. I would NEVER cheat.

But I'm so scared. How do I get someone that will treat me with equal respect.

My father has disrespected me and my mother in SO many ways... the biggest being cheating on her. And to this day, continuing to see the women.

She was introduced as a "family friend" and stayed with us for awhile before moving into a house, and now, my mom and dad have her over all the time. And my mom tries (sometimes unsuccesfully) to not be bothered by the fact that my father continues to act like he's done nothing wrong.

Honestly, I have little faith in the male population, even though I wish I did.

I know I probably won't get the man I want from having this distrustful feeling towards guys, but I can't help be terrified that I'm going to be cheated on... so I distance myself, and never completely open up in relationships.

Any help at all... would be wonderful.


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  • If you don't start dating, you will not find the right one. You possibly find the wrong one first, but it is ok. Men are not all the same. Some have experiences just like you and have the same beliefs as you. There is definitely the right one for you out there.

    To cheat or not is a decision. How can you know if one will cheat? You will never know until you are in the relationship with him. Don't be afraid. You will just get stronger with all the experiences you will get. :)

    • Thanks! That was really encouraging. :(

    • Whoops. That was meant to be a smiley face. :) lol

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  • Give love a chance it a a cold world but you'll never know till you try it. Just know what your looking for. Dont go for someone who talks to plenty of girls a day or who is always checking out other girls. Find someone with same morals as you. Dont go for someone who has had plenty of girls in the past.

    • Also if it was that easy for is to pick every guy we wanted and pick every aspect. It just would be so unreal. I've been with mine for over 6 years and not once has he given me a reason to believe he's cheated. He doesn't talk to girls or has "girl friends" he always tells me where he's at or answers my calls. Just look out for the little things. You'll see what I'm talking about.

    • Should I trust my instinct on this?

      There's this guy I really like... but he says charming things to all the girls. I know he likes me the most, but... I have a feeling I shouldn't trust him, and that he's not the kind of guy who wants to be with one girl.

    • Trust yourself you just said he says a lot of charming things to other girls. That's a sign. Dont go for those guys.

  • I think you should consider seeing a therapist. Then you can work through old hurts and rational levels of worry for a situation.


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