If you ask out a well known acquaintance , say to a movie, What kind of response do you need to get before definitively moving on?

do you simply need absence of a yes to determine no interest?

for example

' some other time'

' ill have to check my scedule'

'im herlping someone move'

Or, does it have to be a firm ' No'?
  • A firm no.
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  • Anything that is not a yes now or in the future. clearly indicates not interested... or not interested enough in me to maintain my interest in them.
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  • Other.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I would take all of those responses as a no they were just didn't have it in them to be blunt about it.

    • yeah those were pretty bad examples. i mean they sound like excuses to not say no.

      how about if they are stunned and can't answer?

      or claim to not understand what you want?

      or dont believe you're serious?

      things like that. that are not yes but are not no?

    • I need a yes. I actually need more than a yes because a lot of people say yes and then just start distancing themselves from the asker and making them chase after them for a little while before they realize that there will be no end to the chase and that they were lying. Anything less than them saying yes and them wanting details of when the date is I'm taking it as a no.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I voted B. I lack patience when it comes to such things.

    • probably healthy in certain situations;)

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  • A firm but polite "no" otherwise I will assume you are telling the truth, and keep asking.


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