He's acting differently?

He's been so chatty the last few days, starting every text conversation & keeping them going but today he has barely spoken to me & when we have had a conversation it has ended after just a few messages.

Last night he was at the movies and didn't reply all night & i said something about it. It has been since then that he has been like this...

I don't know what to do?


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  • What did you say to him before he started to act this way?

  • It can be many things. .
    - He may have a situation in his life where he just is too busy atm or wants to isolate himself from everyone.
    -he may have had a change of heart.
    -he may have another girl (he was at the movies: he could of been on a date, why didn't he invite you? )

    The fact that he didn't reply all night could either mean

    -he fell asleep, but he would of replied by now
    -he was occupied with the girl he took to the movies
    -phone problems

    • He was talking to me fine yesterday though. I doubt he was with another girl because he started the conversation by texting me saying he was at the movies watching james bond. He wouldn't have messaged me that if he was there with someone else.

    • Okay, if you think so :)

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