Help with my relationship anxieties?

I am a very anxious person & always overthink.
It has been the downfall of previous relationships.

This guy does a lot of things that make me anxious (just like texting habits & things) & I want to be calm and collected, comfortable so that I don't push him away?

Also, we are not TECHNICALLY exclusive but I am recently worried about him seeing other people. Do you think that when I see him on the weekend I can ask him "If you were seeing other people you'd tell me right?" without pushing him away?


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  • The best thing is to just relax and be yourself. It might concern you that he is talking to other girls but you go message some guys you like or go hang with your friends. I think you'll be a lot happier then worrying all the time about it :) have a good day


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  • The question you wanted to ask him doesn't sounds right.
    I understand at times it's hard to determine the status of the relationship. Usually I will just go with the flow and keep my options open. Trust your instinct - if you think he is seeing other girls, maybe he's not ready for a serious relationship with you. So you move to the next one. :)


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  • I have had anxiety issues in the past.
    Easiest way not to over think is keeping yourself as busy as possible and exercise a lot
    It works wonders !!

  • Yes ofcourse ask him face to face...
    "r u seeing other girls?"
    if he says yes - tell him to fuck off
    if he says no - just say "ok"


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