Hugging, kissing on lips, neck, shoulder and playing with my hair.. Has he fallen for me? But he says he may not worth me?

We know each other for 6 months and he works where i was on training. We met several times for lunch with his friends and lately we met alone (twice). I really like him and i feel i love him too and it happened for the first time. He is single too and very nice to me, he is honest, respect me & others and says he likes me as i am a girl with 'all virtues'.

(I'm 21, and I know I'm attractive)

When we meet, he praises me and says I'm a beautiful and far more intelligent than him. At the beginning i thought it's okay but when i started liking him, i did not like when he said our 'status' is not the same. He says i'm a high flyer and he knows i got scholarships from bank for higher studies while he is a management clerk. But that does not matter for me and when i told him i like him, he said he likes me too but wants me to be successful and concentrate on my studies for now. But even after this he used to text and call me almost everyday

But last time we met, it was absolutely different. He was staring at me (even while driving) and when i asked he simply smiled and said 'you are so pretty'.

When we were in the washroom, i hugged him for 2 seconds but he pulled me towards him and kissed me. It was my first time so l let him it He was absolutely romantic and he grabbed my face kissed my lips, interlocked his fingers with mine, then kissed my forehead, neck and shoulder several times, playing with my hair and more hugs. I told him i love him and he said he knew and kissed me again.. While dropping me, i can say exactly what he felt, he was crazy about me and held my hand and kissed me again on lips and neck and he was just staring at me.

Later when i texted him, saying i miss him, he said 'we shouldn't take any decision in haste' and said that I will have higher job position and more money than him in future and he will always support me.. Does he love me?


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  • The waybu said i think he is or has already fallen for u.. . But he considers u better than him.. And he is actually worried that he might worsen your life or stop ur progress

    • Yes.. Even He said this and when i had exams, he was more stressed whether i'll pass or not, He was continuously asking if i'm able to concentrate.. thanks for your opinion..

    • Doesn't it feel awesome knowing that someone cares for u so much... U need to convince him that he is important to u too. That you are a team. Be a little extra possessive over him.. just show him that &then observe his cuteness.. . No problem... available for help anytime

    • That's true but don't know why he is still not saying if it's a yes or no.. I really love him and i can't get him off my mind.. Thank you for your advice

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  • Yaasss he def is ^^
    That was such a sweet read :)
    He likes you a lot but he thinks he doesn t deserve you. You intimidate him.
    This is risky, you really need to show him hiw much you don t care about his position and current income.
    I fear in the future he ll get jelly or feel less of a man because if you.

    • I'm trying hard to explain this but it'll be difficult.. He is thinking about the future and he is honest, that's making me fall for him more..

    • Do you think you deserve better than him?
      If not why?
      Is it just a fling?

    • I don't know if i can get someone better because he is the first guy I'm dealing with (despite the fact that i rejected several guys & never tried to flirt with anyone)
      Well i will not call it a 'Fling' because i didn't expect anything from him..
      His eyes clearly show how much he loves me, but he is afraid to say... Or maybe I'm being biased!!!

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  • Sounds like he is holding back because he feels threatened by you

    • I never meant to threaten him by saying the truth about me.. Being more intelligent than him is neither his fault nor mine.. Hope he understands me..

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