Going halfsies and dating etiquette?

Been with a girl about 6 months now. I made it very clear that after the 2nd/3rd date we would be going halfsies. Her assumption early on was that any time I ask her on a date while we were dating, I was suppose to pay for it all. That was corrected quickly. Fast forward 6 months, I feel like she still fights tooth and nail even when hsving to pay her half. She wants bday presents, flowers, go to the movies, and to be wined and dined... which I have done, but when I asked her to take me out to get food... its "let's stay in and cook" or " I can only afford to take you to (restaurant) for a 6 dollar slice of pizza and pop".

Is there any way around this? She seems reluctant to spend 10 bucks for a quick date night and I feel that's troubling. I innocently teased her one night about paying for a $15 dollar meal while we were out with friends and afterwards she blew up saying she didn't like that and it was embarrassing. I feel it's very one sided. I understand and appreciate the cooking that we do together, but I feel like it's a way of skirting around paying for things


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  • Obviously she doesn't have the money and/or has certain expectations when dating. If you're not happy or can't afford to pay for her then it seems you should either stop going out or just date someone far more independent with a disposable income.

    • She has disposable income. She just flew down to round trip to St. Louis to watch her brother graduate basic training and is there a couple days. she can pay, she just doesn't want to spend her money

    • Then it sounds like she is set in her ways and wants to be spoiled

    • Ok thanks, ill have a talk with her and see where this is going

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