If a girl was physical during the first date, but is standoffish during the second, did I do the right thing by friendzoning her?

First date, there was a lot of chemistry - we made out, cuddled, danced and said goodbye as we had to leave for our own reasons.
The past 2 days, I initiated texts, but she'd respond in depth, and she asked me out today on a second date.
On the date today, she seemed standoffish from the start... kept her distance, seemed to assert herself and her independence, and then wanted to go home really quickly, like just after 30min into the date. I couldn't figure it out..
I convinced her to hang out a bit longer and join me for dinner.. she was like "I'm not putting out for you, we're not having sex". I said "woah slow down, I don't sleep with just anyone.. it's gotta be the right moment". She agreed to join me for dinner. There was no cuddling or anything. I cut her short and said have a good night.
She later texted me saying she's sorry about how she was and that she felt better after dinner.
I responded with "I'm happy to be friends, but I'm not sure I can offer you anything more".

I suspect that she's probably seeing another guy but wants to gradually cut me off so she doesn't sound like a wh-re going "sorry, but I'm dating and screwing another guy while I made out with you. I like the other guy better, good bye".


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  • My guess is that maybe she thought she was too forward or got scared after the first date and was worried you wouldn't respect her if you thought she was too fast so she slowed way down.

    Next time I would just straight up ask the girl about it. "Hey I feel like I met another side of you tonight. Is there something going on with you?"


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  • She might have some serious stuff going on in the background...
    I was exact same with a girl once. Second date I was completely cold ( I visited my father's grave that day )
    Simply, I say call her out. Ask her what was wrong. Either you get honesty, or some cliche bullshit story


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