Will I end up friendzoned?

Hey there ! There's a girl in my class that I'm attracted to, and would like to date.
However, I prefer to play it safe mainly because I never dated someone before.

I'm 22 years old and she is 21. I know that I lack of confidence but I'm trying to overcome it but as you may know there's no immediate solution to it.

Today, it was the second time that I talked to her, and seems to be going well. Two things are unknown for me that are if she has a boyfriend and more importantly if she is attracted to me?

Should I have take her number by now? Keep in mind that I've never asked a girl's number before, as stated I'm a really shy person.

Is it right to go as smooth as I go or will she loose attraction? (if by any chance she is attracted to me and has no boyfriend)

I'm really confused, mainly due to my lack of experience. Kindly provide me with as much help as you can.

Best regards,



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  • YES, get her phone number. If she responds that she has a boyfriend, well, then you know. You might as well go for it directly. She may say yes, she may say no. But at least--you will *know*.


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