I had a fight with my date and now I want to be friend with him again, should I send him message?

He is an American born chinese, and he came to taiwan last year, we went dating for several times, and he kissed me but didn't confirm relationship with me. At that time, I didn't know that it is normal in western counrty because in my country, if a guy kisses a girl and wants to sleep with her but doesn't see her as his girlfriend, people would consider he is a player.
And I didn't know that, plus he told me that he had more than ten casual girlfriends before, so it drived me crazy, I kept asking him if he's serious about me or if he is playing? I didn't want to be his casual girlfriend. Althought he told me that he's not playing or see me as casual, I still could not believe him because I could not understand why it always took him one day to reply my message?
Anyway, not surprisingly, he left me soon.
It has been a year and I finally realize that he was not playing, he was not very serious but also not playing. Our argument came from culture difference, but I didn't know that. I used to be crazy for him, I was so in love with him, but my insecurity ruined everything.

Now I have completely moved on, just really want to be friend with him again and tell him I am sorry.
Just I don't know if it is a good idea? I am a bit afraid that he might refuse me?


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  • If it's been a year, I would just leave it alone and consider it lessons learned for the future.

  • It is up to you. Only you that know the better ways.


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