Please read, did I ruined it?

Hello, I've been attracted to a girl since the beginning of the semester, and last time she sat next to me on her own because there wasn't any places left.

So, we chatted a little and I managed to make her laugh which everything seems to be going positive so far. From there, I've talked to her during our science class hours even if she sits not next to me but that's all.

I've made a huge mistake which has probably ruined everything. When I was leaving university and saw her coming to class I faked that I've received a call and she probably noticed it so I didn't talk to her and I didn't say bye or else. It wasn't because I mean it, it is because I've developped such a habit since I'm extremely shy.

I don't know if there are still chances for me, or that she will take it in a really negative way. (That is if she was by any chance attracted to me and do not have a boyfriend already.)

Kindly, be as honest as possible in your responses and tell me what should I do now.

Thank you.


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  • Yeah it's too late now


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