Would it bother you if you weighed more than your boyfriend , or guys would it bother you if your girlfriend weighed more than you?

I weigh ten pounds more than my boyfriend he weighs 141 at 6ft I weigh 150 at 5"2.


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  • He's emaciated, you're fat.

    • hahahaha thanks for mho!

    • It didn't really answer my question but it was funny so you're welcome

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  • It would bother me. One of my exes was scrawny, and I'll admit that I have some weight to lose, but that's where so much of my insecurity about my weight and body came from--because I felt like I looked even more heavy when I stood next to him. Granted, I weighed way more than 10 pounds more than him. But in your case, I don't think it's that big of a deal. I think it also depends on how you carry the weight and how it's distributed. Plus he's way taller than you. That helps too I think.


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  • Well I'd find an overweight partner unattractive. My partner should feel the same as well.

  • 141 lbs at 6'0? Has he ever even lifted a weight in his life?

    • Yes he works out he has a four pack but he's extremely thin he needs to bulk and I need to lose.

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