As 5'6" attractive Asian guy, in which country would I hook-up with more white girls?

I've heard that white girls in Japan / Korea / China are more interested in local guys and usually care less about height and more about US. The total opposite of typical American white girls (care more about height and less about face)


When I say good-looking, I don't mean I look like Joe Manganiello or Henry Cavill, but more like K-pop/J-pop stars. That's what I am regularly told anyway (quite good-looking in Asia, but many real Korean actors are better-looking), not to sound narcist.


I've got a pretty good body, like in the 90th-95th percentile among men. Lean and fit, I can always improve. But I wouldn't worry about that.


This is where my biggest problem lies. 4" shorter than average white male in the US. Tall-average in poor Asian country like Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam and still quite short in China, Japan, Korea.


Just average Asian size, something like 5" or 4.7" but maybe (just maybe) quite thick, nothing to brag about.

So if my goal is to hook up with more white girls, where should I move to?


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  • this isn't about white girls but...

    the majority of girls in japan, korea and china care way more height than face.
    in surveys and tv/magazines they always list that as the most important thing when it comes to looks. whenever i make a new female friend they say they want someone tall. i'm always curious about this because i don't care about height at all but i won't negotiate on face.

    • i think korean girls in particular care about having a tall boyfriend

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    • But in Japan, not many Japanese guys speak English as good as me while in the US I will have to compete with Asian American

    • thank you
      hope it works out

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  • Maybe in France?

    • What makes you think of France?

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    • France is a good place, yes. I agree. But there are tall women too there lol

    • Yeah there are but I don't think they are as height conscious as American women here

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  • We don't care about your dick size and girls will be be more open to you if you went to less diverse areas that aren't that racist. You'd be "exotic".

  • All over Europe and the US...

    • Aren't those a bit harsh for a 5'6" guy?

    • No, it isn't. You can submerge yourself in an ocean of white girls!

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