What does it mean when my boyfriend kisses me on the forehead?

we have been dating for more than 2years now,but he refuse to tell me his feelings,when I asked him,he just kissed me on the forehead,am tired so in love with him,now am leaving him and he calls me just once in a week,when I complain,he said it his job.


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  • Kissing on the forehead seems like something that platonic partners would do. I believe that he does not want to pursue this relationship as a romantic one any further. Using his job as an excuse to not call you as often is complete nonsense, unless if he's drilling oil in Antarctica or chasing down terrorists in Afghanistan. Other than that, there's no excuse to not be calling more often or giving you more of his time in general. The relationship might have gone off to a good start in the beginning, but I believe if he's acting this way that feelings on his side might've died down through time. This is not something that happened overnight by the way. This took some time to die down and get to this stage. I would honestly have a good conversation with him and really ask him what he wants in this relationship, or if he wishes to still pursue it. Good luck!


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