Broke, min-wage gig 25-29 year old male but working on a business that will make more money and be more flexible in the long run, What do you think?

For women dating men specifically.
Where do you expect someone to be in their career. What if they don't have much but have a lot of ambition or a good plan?

Guy's who've been in similar situation if you could share your experience would be appreciated.
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  • Depends how good I think their business idea is. I hope to be established when I'm 25 but I do understand how the economy is and do understand how money/work can be hard to come by.

    Plus other qualities like personality would to the scales one way or another.


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  • I would date.

    I don't define someone by the circumstance they are in but by what they do to get out of it.

  • If they had something to fall back on if nothing else worked then yes. Like a skill or a degree or something.

    • The business is a skill, a self employed skill.

      Having a career can be just as rocky, they could lose it at anytime. Just starting the business up takes some time till regular clientele are built.

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