How would you go about dating a friend's daughter/son?

I am good friends with this couple who are about 30 years older than me, and have recently begun to develope feeling for their daughter who is around my age. While I am friends with her already I am closer to her parents and think that our friendship could be at risk if I started dating their daughter. My first thought is to ask them if it's ok, but even that seems risky.


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  • I wouldn't. There are some boundaries you never cross.

    • Why is it such a bad idea?

    • There's a tone of disrespect and total inconsideration of your friend's feelings to the whole idea of it.

      Depending on how long you've been friends, it adds a tone of creepiness to the situation as well because it's like, "If he's attracted to her then what was he thinking when we invited him over to a pool party and she was in a swimsuit?" or "...*pause* Wait a minute. Just read that you two are around the same age. This makes a difference. Because you guys are around the same age then they may not care at all and may actually like it if you two start dating. That eliminates the element of creepy betrayal. I guess I assumed you were older. My apologies.

      Nonetheless, you are right when you say that you would be risking the friendship because if things don't work out you can't exactly open up to them about it/things may be awkward for them. If you break their little girl's heart you can forget being their friend. If she breaks your heart then it's just one huge awkward fest. :/

    • thanks for mho

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  • From my experience, it all comes down to whether or not you can impress the parent or brother.

    Have a friend from high school and one summer I developed a thing for his sister. Because we were such good buds, he was all for it.

    Had a mother from work who found me all sorts attractive so she insisted one day that we walk her dogs together along with her daughter whom I should meet.

    My point is that it's doable.


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  • Skiing them probably wouldn't hurt. I think they'd see it as a sign of respect. But you should probably see how she feels about you first.


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  • Just ask them for their approval.

  • If the girl was my age and her dad was ok


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