I am worried to death about my older sister?

She is in bad condition and no one wants to admit it. She has always been a person with a troubled character but it could have been easily fixed if our mother wasn't enabling her. She is almost 29 and never lived. She hasn't worked in 8 years and never moved out or had a life of her own, no friends, no social life, nothing. She locks herself up in this house all day with no aspiration to do better, she is severly depressed and no one takes it seriously. My brother just called her crazy but she isn't crazy she is in too much pain, like a disease she doesn't ''get'' life, she extremely naive and all tho she wasn't the best sister growing up... it doesn't matter everyone deserves life and help. What can i do? she won't talk to use, or any help, or doctors... i wonder sometimes if she is really depressed? because she does go out sometimes for her welfare appointments but thats it. Or she just plain crazy with some kinda personality disorder cause she was extremely aggresive growing up


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  • Start in a very small way. If you can, try to get her to go to the nearest cafe just for a coffee. No talking, unless she does. Just for 20 minutes or so. See if you can get it to become a daily thing. No pressure to talk, just to sit there with a coffee or something.

    If it works, move on to something else as well.


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  • Is your relationship good? With her? like is she comfortable with you?

    • im ok with her but i can't get too close to protect my own sanity

    • Ok, wait by crazy what do you mean..

  • How old is she?
    I think depression is the cause of her behavior... And yes you should be worried..

    • why sjould i be worried?

    • Because she should not harm herself by any means.. People do it when they are depressed... you mentioned it right ( that she is depressed)

  • She sounds just like me


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