Does he consider me just like the other girls that have asked him out in the past?

So I asked my best guy friend if there could be anything possible with us as a couple in the future. He politely turned me down, and continued to ensure me that we were best friends and he would do anything for me. However, we used to talk about these other girls that had asked him out, and we used to tease him about them. I'm worried I'm going to turn into a joke. Or that he thinks of me just like those other girls. Am I being irrational?


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  • Girls don't get turned down


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  • if you're trukqlyv friends he will respect that and not turn you into a joke,.

    how did he reject you exactly? i know he promised to be friends but what was there actual rejection like?

    • I had feelings for him for a while, I brought up that I had been thinking about us being more than friends. He told me he hadn't thought of it, and that I am one of his best friends and did not see us being anything more in the future

    • im quite sure he won't betray your trust. i know the rejection hurts but i dont think you need to worry about him humiliating you :)

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  • No, of course you're going to be worried. I'm sure he wouldn't bring it up and take the mick out of you for it, if it came up im sure he wouldn't talk about it.


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