I like my boyfriend's friend, what should I do?

I've been with my boyfriend for about seven months now, and he and I really genuienly care about each other. Despite this, our relationship hasn't always been easy. It took me a while to like him as much as he liked me, and we're polar opposites. He's part of a large circle of friends, and I've developed kind of a crush on one of the guys. I always thought he was cute and I can tell that he's attracted to me too, so to avoid trouble I made an effort to stay away from him. However, he approached me when we were all at a bar last weekend, and we had a fantastic conversation. Even my boyfriend commented that this guy and I had "hit it off".
So, now I'm torn. Of course I would never cheat, and my boyfriend and I take care of and rely on each other. The issue is that there has never been a huge spark between us, we were just attracted to each other and got along. With this guy, though, I get that rush of excitement when I think about him.


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  • Try to find a way to visit him sometimes. When you're not near each other, just talk on the phone and internet.


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  • The first thing you should do is break up with your boyfriend. You are clearly not in love with him anymore.


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