How do I tell a guy to stop acting like my boyfriend?

So... I started seeing this guy like a few months ago and he's super nice, the sex is amazing and we have a good time together. We met on an app a few months after I broke up with my boyfriend and I decided I don't want another relationship for a very long time. Please tell me if I'm wrong but I think he's getting attached. - He tells me he misses me - We stopped using condoms. And we started of with them - He wanted to take selfies together - He wants to buy me gifts. - He stares at me. A lot. Tell me I'm thinking too deep into this. If I'm not, how do I keep things friends with benefits without hurting his feelings and saying 'you ain't my man'


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  • Just the way you said it now. I respect honesty and if your only seeking a fun time that should be understood asap. I don't think he will get hurt he might get a bit cold but if you see that he's bitter then so be it. But just be straight up, most guys understand girls have needs as well but, we also have feelings and if we don't keep them In check in the beginning it can be extremely frustrating when you say how you truly feel when it's to late. Good luck

    • Okay thanks!
      I just don't know how to start that conversation without sounding random.

    • Honestly there really isn't a way to beat around the bush. Just say "hey listen latly ther has been something that has been concerning me." And just say how intent be fair to him or you.

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  • Did you tell him that you didn't want a serious relationship?

    • On one of our first dates, I do remember saying something along the lines of 'after my last break up I just wanna have fun'

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