What do teenage guys like to talk about to a potential girlfriend?

I'm 15, me and this guy started texting recently and he's so nice☺️. I would definitely go out with him and from what I've heard he would go out with me too. But what does a teenage guy actually like talking about? He's a great conversation keeper, always starting a new topic even when I'm a dry texter and giving him brief replies😂. But I feel like if we wanna like progress we have to talk about more than just school and homework and the weekend we met. And there's a bit of flirting, but not much. I like where we are, but my friends are insisting that he's gonna drop me if I don't start 'spicing things up.' I don't mean sexually, just like what other stuff could I talk about? I do suffer from anxiety and even though I'm a bad texter he is very understanding. I don't want to stretch too far out of my comfort zone, but how could I get to know him without being too forward?


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  • 15 huh. Guys around your age usually like sports, videogames, etc. There are few that like to talk about life and the future. You can try bringing life and future up to see how he responds. You might find out his future is something you love or you might find out he want's to be a garbage man and you could be like uhhh eww. If he's a big gamer and you know stuff about games he will fall for you fast lol especially at that age.


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  • In HS and college we did not. When I did student jobs with low qualifications I heard a lot of talking by the non students.

  • Stupid stuff. Anything stupid.


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