What's the worst thing you've ever overcome and how?

I've been dating a girl for two and a half months and it got serious in a hurry, which caused her to get scared, which caused all kinds of turmoil. We're still talking regularly, although in the last few days I'm the one initiating each time. She still responds as if nothing is wrong though, occasionally throws out a pet name, uses a random, unrelated emoji (that's our thing), or will say "I'm heading to bed but I wanted to get back to you to say goodnight" when she had fallen asleep before I texted her. I take this to mean she's scared to put herself out there too much but is still involved, so I have to put up with being the first to reach out for a while. Otherwise she just wouldn't respond. But still, I'm wondering where we are, and due to the specifics, I can't really ask right now.

But I'm still curious whether this was pushed too far. What's the worst thing that has happened in a dating situation that you've overcome and still gotten together with the person, and how?
What I mean is what's the worst thing that's happened with the person you've been dating, that maybe you thought was going to end it, but that didn't?


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  • I overcame depression and suicidal tendencies. Thrice!

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    • so your not going to tell me? Awe but why?

    • @apple24 Because my advice is not good for you or any other human. I just got done calling some weird introverted girl stupid because she hates group projects and thinks that the school system is build for extroverts when in reality it puts incredible emphasis on separative efforts and individual talents which weakens teamwork and inherently undermines the values of cooperation in society!

      That's why.

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