Is it wrong to spend all day with your boyfriend?

My mom thinks it isn't really dating if I'm spending all day with my boyfriend at his apartment. It's seriously pissing me off because I feel like she's trying to control me and push her old school ideas of what dating is onto me? I feel like she's thinking I'm going to his place to have sex all day! She wants me to spend a couple of hours with him and then leave. We want more than two hours together! My boyfriend and I are home bodies. We don't like going out and spending unnecessary money. We want to spend the whole day with each other inside his place. We can watch movies, cuddle, sleep and cook for one another. If we have sex that's our choice. I'm 22 and it's my body! We only get to see each other on weekends... so we want our time together to be chill and intimate.

I'm really getting sick of my mom. First, she says I can't stay the night with him. Now I can't spend the day with him! Like WTF am I supposed to do then? I live in her household so she might try and kick me out if I do. I need advice.


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  • Whaaaaat. Wtf. No that's totally normal. I'm the EXACT same way and I'm sure tons of people are! I would be annoyed too. I'm not sure what advice to give except to remember that once you're out of her house then you won't have to worry. I just wanted to say that there's nothing wrong with it though.


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