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So I was dating a girl for 6 months, and one night she told me that she loved me and always has. Being the idiot that I am, I said "Oh my god I love me too! The love of me is what holds this relationship together!" I then started laughing (in my defense I was plastered). So now she broke up with me, after hitting me with a full unopened soup can (I had to get stitches on my head). What should I do? Was I in the wrong? Was she? I have never told anyone I loved them before. I feel like hitting me on the head was too far, but I have no clue. Everyone I tell this to just laughs. I've known this girl since I was a child, we've been throuh everything together.


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  • I think that what you said was funny. Either the girl can't take jokes, or she was being serious about it and expected you to have a deeper reaction. But what she did was not smart. And you shouldn't beat yourself up over this because I mean you've never told anyone you loved them before. It was unexpected!


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  • She was in the wrong. That's abuse, and she greatly overreacted.

  • She doesn't like you


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