If you're a very skinny guy and you date a much bigger girl, is it awkward for you?

I've noticed that I seem to see more couples that consist of very skinny guys and much bigger girls rather than skinny guys with skinny girls & bigger guys with bigger girls. I'm curious as to whether many skinny guys have a specific attraction to bigger girls, or is it just coincidence? And if it is just coincidence and you're one of those guys who believes that personality comes before superficial matters, does it ever get awkward for you? Do you think you guys look weird together when you see a picture? Is the intimate stuff awkward? I just can't imagine myself dating a guy that is half the size of me because I would feel awkward... Maybe because society has brainwashed the whole "big, masculine guy" and "petite, cute girl" images into our brains. Opinions?


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  • Sometimes yes

    Anyone thats a little too big just has a awkward time maneuvering around in general. For your other question I know a lot of guys that secretly like bigger women. just they won't date them because of public shame/humiliation. But behind close doors those same guys are rock hard over her


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