What If I liked one of my close friends?

So I was texting my friend, and I call him my friend, but I think I like him. We talk all the time, and hang out everyday almost. But, see, I'm kinda in a lil' predicament. Anyone know the Disney movie Hercules? Well you know the song that Meg sang "No chance no way will I say I'm in love." That's how I feel with this whole thing, except, I'm not deeply in love, I think I just scraped the edge with this. But I mean, we talk and text everyday, and I've grown quite fond of him, he's a senoir and I'm a freshmen, WAIT before you judge, I mean, I don't think that liking anyone out of age range is wrong if you respect them, it's about love right? Love who ya want right? Anyways, I was texting him tonight and told him that I liked this kid who's a tad older than me, and I told him I was looking in the upper levels, because the freshmen guys were so immature (SO IMMATURE). So I told him I was looking in Sophmore/Junior level, (I didn't tell him senior, so it wouldn't be obvious) Flashback: I got replaced by my best friend and I don't trust her as much as I used to with all my feelings, so if I don't tell her who I like, then I won't tell anyone. So anyways I told him that I haven't told anyone who I liked yet, because I have to find people I trust to tell. And I trust him of course but I can't tell him, because it is him. But then he asked "Who is it!!" And I just paused and thought back on my life, and how crazy it was. I then responded telling him "You're not gonna figure it out that easily!" I just really pulled that statement outta my ass, and was glad I could come up with something, so it wouldn't be awkward.

Anyways, that has what has happened. And I don't really know what to do...
Any thoughts internet? Thanks :)


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  • Flirting is a good way to show him your interested without actually saying it. He may even flirt back and that will give you clues about if he likes you too or not


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