What can I do to get this woman by my side? Should I even try to become something to her?

I like this girl, we have been on a few great dates and she likes me too. I absolutely hate children but she is a single mother. Yet I feel like dealing with her child is an easy price to pay for her company and well worth it. I am not sure if we will last but I never really do think about things like that I just want enjoy the person I am with and never wonder if we will last forever. Her last relationship ended because the guy was really jealous and I am usually not but with her I am I don't know how to keep it under controlthough I can hide it from her... Tips would be appreciated here. My main problem here is that I am not sure if I am being selfish by pursuing her. I mean she has a kid and we are both just College students...

My second issue, my ex-girlfriend lives with me and sleeps in my room. I asked this girl to be my girlfriend and she said she can't while my ex still lives with me, which I understand completely but I want her to be with me so badly. But I cannot kick this girl out she needs a place to stay. What can I do?


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  • Honestly... I don't really think it is very fair to the child to place yourself in a position to be his "potential daddy" if you don't care about him.

    Also, why does your exgirlfriend live in the same room with you? That doesn't sound healthy...

    • Hmm I wouldn't go as far to say I don't care about him. But that is my fear exactly or even it is unfair to her for me to do that. I mean surely there are plenty of good men she could have that would like to take care of her child. But she tells me that the kids father is a part if his life and doesn't need a new "daddy". As long as we get along she seems happy.

      And my ex, she really has no place to go. We were roommates but we had to break up. She could live with her parents but we both think it would be bad for her grades and stuff.

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    • Well, you could move out...

    • I cannot. I have another roommate who relies on me. My younger brother.

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