When is it appropriate to ask a guy if he wants to get married and have kids?

I've been talking to this guy for about 2 months and haven't met yet because he's been in a different state for work. I like him tons and tons. I see a lot of potential for us and a future. He's going to be 33 and I'm 29.
He has a daughter and I have a son. His daughter is 9 so that kind of makes me feel like he might not want another one. My mom says that if things go well and we end up loving each other enough that he would cave. I don't know if that's true


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  • Right after you have had amazing sex, and then you tell him that you're not on any birth control...(just kidding). Honestly If you have been together a while and it seems to be the direction the relationship is heading you might ask him first how he feels about the relationship, if he is encouraged and it looks like two might be in it for the long haul, then on another day you can ask him how he feels or what he thinks about kids, if he likes kids and seems enthusiastic, you can wait a few more days and then ask him how he feels about kids with you. However this is all something that needs to happen face to face, or at least I would recommend it that way.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha yeah I figured it would be the best to wait. I just am scared that we are going in different directions. On the other hand I like him so much I think I would go in any direction lol I do want another kid tho. I will just wait before I ask. I appreciate the advice

    • You are most welcome, I think it is best to take your time with this, especially if you both do go different directions. If however you move closer together, then I suspect more and more opportunities will present themselves in time. :-)

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  • If you haven't met, it's probably too soon to talk marriage or kids. It would seem a bit desperate, or like you were pursuing him just for those things, which he might find a little off-putting if he hasn't met you.

    • I agree with u. I'm trying to keep it to myself until we actually meet. At the same time I already feel vested in what we have going and if he says no I don't want n e then it could probably already break my heart. I was thinking that I would be preventing any additional heart break on my end mainly if he says ni

    • If you're already "invested" in a relationship with someone you haven't even met, you need to take a step back and try to understand that all you have is and IDEA of who you think that man is, you don't know the real man yet.

    • That's true. Thank u

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  • if is going good why not hope to get him :))


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  • I assume after the kiss and a few dates. Right before he ask u to be his girlfriend than ask him. But if your young than you can wait.

  • Be wary, he could be a catfish


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