Girls: He's going to reveal his feelings for you. Should he give you any warning beforehand?

Let's say you and a guy had a great night out. You went to the mall, to the movies, or to dinner. Not exactly a date - just a great time hanging out. At this point, you two have known each other for a while and are good friends. But you know he has an attraction towards you (or maybe you don't know). He hasn't said anything as of yet, but decides to tell you one night.

Regardless of how you feel towards him, how would you prefer he tell you his feelings, and why?

A.) As he drops you off at your place, he asks you to sit down on a bench with him and tells you everything right then and there.

B.) He calls or texts you on a Thursday and asks if he can see you briefly Friday night because he has "... something he wants to talk to you about," or "... has something to tell you."


Most Helpful Girl

  • Probably option A it's always better to just get things done


Most Helpful Guy

  • Option A is better?
    If I am going to pull off option B, I will call, text her to do something together, such as lunch/dinner. Then tell her your feelings.


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  • Stop being such a feminist


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