Relationship status on Facebook?

I've been in a relationship for the last almost 6 years. The first 3 years we had in a relationship with each other's name tagged , the last 2 years we just had in a relationship , and he told me it didn't matter if our names weren't there because people knew we were together. Recently today , I realized he removed his relationship status completely. When I asked him about it , he said he didn't. But I know it's something you have to manually remove. And then he didn't respond to me until an hour later & when I replied changing the subject , I didn't get anything back. I know it's just Facebook & I shouldn't even be concerned , but it bothers me how he re acted & the probability that he did do it, and why? I've constantly questioned him about social media , when he hasn't done anything to make me not trust him, but now that the status is removed I'm worried.


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  • I think fb status are a waste of time.


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