Is this possible?

For a guy to have so many negative experiences with dating that's he's turned off by women cause he intensely hates them


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  • I think so...
    I feel that way with pork.
    The 6 times I knowingly ate it, I've always thrown up or felt sick. So yeah, I instantly hate the sight of pork (the dead meat, not the animal).

    • Most people would say it's dumb but they haven't experienced what I have

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  • Yes. In fact, this is essentially the whole premise of the "Red Pill" movement. It is a form of bitterness that festers beneath the surface because [he] has been rejected or otherwise ill-treated by women. This is usually because his expectations of women do not match the reality of women.

    • Well when your rejected by every type of women it happens

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    • No there is no chance of that

    • Then you haven't moved on. You cannot have both.

      Either live with hatred and bitterness and stay where you are in life OR come to peace with reality and move on / focus your efforts elsewhere.

  • possibly, i had such a bad time with my ex wife i am sure psychologically that turned me slightly towards guys and more inclined to try homosexual stuff.. who knows.. perhaps that was always there and just an excuse for 'me'

    • I meant just staying single

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