Using and abusing or needing it for real?

My boyfriend went to the mall today and got himself some black boots for his job. Then he called me to see the name of the Mac cosmetic product I asked him for two months ago but said they were sold out.
Later that day I expressed to him how I love him. Right after, he asks me to buy him black sneakers. I guess I am feeling kind of used. Why would he ask me right after I express how I feel about him.

I never ask him for anything. I mean EVER !! So when he asks me for stuff I get alittle rude but I never tell him why. I'll buy it for him but get attitudes with little things later in the day. I just don't like that he asks me for things. Cus I pay for 50% of our food. I don't know I'm 22 and he's 29. I get mad cus I love him but I no he does pay a rent on his own and has little $$ to spend on extra things. That's y I don't ask for anything. But should I be ok with asking him for stuff cus he asks me once in a while? In addition it's four days until my birthday and he is asking me for shit. Hmmm I'm not feeling it. What do you guys think ?


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  • If you're feeling displeasure at the relationship, talk to him and not us. You'll solve things better that way.


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  • I think you two need to sit and have a talk about money. A perfect 50/50 is nigh impossible, but if you feel it's imbalanced it's something that needs to be brought up sooner rather than later.


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  • You should ask him for stuff and see what happens.


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